This is a story of steppe wolf “Seryi”* that has been taken into captivity at the age of three weeks. "Seryi" is the only survivor of six cubs found in the lair under an old willow branch in an unnamed ravine in Kharbalin district of Astrakhan region in May 2017.

  It’s a story of a wild creature living in a studio apartment with two people and two Jagdteriers in the city of Volgograd. Its life is an ongoing biological experiment on socialization of a wolf with an end goal of creating an advanced wolf–dog hybrid with pronounced qualities. Hybrid that can serve in rescue teams, law enforcement and military forces.

  “Seryi” will gladly co–operate with everyone interested in studying its instincts, behavior and its attachment to its caretaker: the bond that one of the founding fathers of the field of ethology, the Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, called imprinting.

  * seryi – [rus.] gray.