Hello. My name is Ivan. I’m the owner of “Seryi” (rus. Gray) wolf. I’ve bought it from farmers when it was a pup, and I've been trying to make its life as comfortable as possible since. I observe its behavior and instincts on daily basis. My final goal is to to use it to create an advance wolf–dog hybrid with pronounced qualities that can serve in rescue teams. I have a daughter who studies for cynologist and helps me to achieve this goal.

  I, my daughter and the wolf are currently living in a studio apartment. I dream of getting a piece of land where I can build a large aviary where “Seryi” can live in a semi–natural environment. I’ve tried to reach out to various organizations many times but, unfortunately, all my attempts were ignored. As of today, I see just one solution – it is to collect enough money to buy a piece of land. I believe that with your help “Seryi” can get a decent home where it can live comfortably and continue giving valuable scientific data.

  I am ready to co–operate with anyone interested in studying the wolf, learning its behavior and instincts. The wolf has been saved by chance. It was found together with its 5 brothers and sisters by local farmers and was the only one that I was able to save. It’s been living in my family since. It won’t be able to survive in the wild. "Seryi" has became a part of my family and I can’t abandon it. I’ll do everything in my power to make its life as comfortable as possible. I believe that “Seryi” can help people better understand the wildlife by giving a valuable data about wolf's character, behavior and physiology, and we should study it thoroughly while we have that chance.